Edwin Ko

Edwin Ko

Linguist. Educator. Language Advocate.

Research Interests

Syntax & Phonology
Language Variation & Change
Corpus Linguistics
Digital & Computational Linguistics
Language Revitalization

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My current research focuses on syntax (i.e. grammatical voice) and on phonology (i.e. prosodic systems). I also specialize in Alaska Native and Native American languages where I have been designing digital technologies and exploring their best use in language revitalization efforts. If I haven't met you yet, I hope to meet you soon and please feel free to contact me!


Bloomington, IN, USA

Research interests (in one sentence).

The underlying processes and mechanisms that allow for so-called non-promotional 'passives'. | The relation of grammatical voice to positions of internal and external verbal arguments. | Examining how to best use digital technologies to enrich language revitalization programs. | Discovering the mechanisms and processes by which syntactic variation and change emerge. | The interaction between tone and stress in languages traditionally analyzed as pitch accent systems. | Understanding how a speaker's syntactic choice is attributed to probabilistic knowledge of language. | Constructing syntactically annotated corpora of endangered languages for use in (computational) linguistic research and language teaching.

Current Projects

I'm involved in several projects. Check them out!

Archival Materials

Unangam Tunuu / Crow

Task-Based Approaches


Non-Promotional 'Passives'

Unangam Tunuu (or Aleut)

Prosodic System


Using QR Codes

Northern Pomo

Past Projects

Variation Across Englishes

ICE Corpus

Actuation Problem


Northern Pomo Languge Tools

Website & Mobile App Developer

Survey of Zapotec and Chatino

Website App Developer

Python Tutorial

Organizer & Instructor

Public Outreach

USA S&E Festival 2016

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