Edwin Ko

Edwin Ko

Linguist. Educator. Language Advocate.

Research Interests

Syntax: Argument Structure
Language Variation & Change
Corpus Linguistics
Digital & Computational Linguistics
Language Revitalization

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My research focuses on syntactic variation and change, and integrates corpus and quantitative methodologies to reveal underlying patterns. I also specialize in Native American languages where I have been designing digital technologies and exploring their best use in language revitalization efforts. If I haven't met you yet, I hope to meet you soon and please feel free to contact me!


Washington, DC, USA

Research interests (in one sentence).

The relation of grammatical voice to positions of internal and external verbal arguments. | Examining how to best use digital technologies to enrich language revitalization programs. | Discovering the mechanisms and processes by which syntactic variation and change emerge. | Understanding how a speaker's syntactic choice is attributed to probabilistic knowledge of language. | Constructing syntactically annotated corpora of endangered languages for use in (computational) linguistic research and language teaching.


I'm involved in several projects. Check them out!

Variation Across Englishes

ICE Corpus

Actuation Problem


Northern Pomo Languge Tools

Website & Mobile App Developer

Survey of Zapotec and Chatino

Website App Developer

Python Tutorial

Organizer & Instructor

Public Outreach

USA S&E Festival 2016

Dependency Treebank

Northern Pomo

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